Our Story


Our products are handcrafted in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. An iconic Australian landscape known for its dramatic beauty, deep canyons, soaring cliffs, roaring waterfalls, eucalypt forests & bushlands.

There are over 1000 species of plant native to the Blue Mountains. Our products are rich in the diversity of Australian flora & our love for Australia’s diversity in both culture and indigenous plants has helped us to create gentle, yet effective skincare formulations for all skin types.


The ONYX is a type of chalcedony that’s part of the quartz family. It was a popular stone for the Greeks. They believed that the Onyx stone came from fingernails of the Goddess Venus.

It creates a solid connection to the planet Earth, allowing excess and out-of-balance energies to flow from the body. The Onyx acts as a shield and protects the human body & skin.


We are an Australian based beauty brand that is botanically driven, combining the best of nature and science to offer expertly crafted skincare solutions.

Our mission is to improve skin health and we are committed to provide high quality & effective skincare products to protect, preserve and nurture skin.


Rooted in ancient tradition and validated by science.

We create formulations that harness the combined benefits of clinically-proven actives and antioxidant-rich botanicals. The range offers unique & effective solutions for the full spectrum of skin concerns; from pigmentation & breakouts, to ageing & dullness.


Onyx Botanica is committed to reducing environmental impact and we strive to minimise our footprint and safeguard the environment.

We utilize carefully selected vegan ingredients as we are fully engaged in practices that are cruelty-free.

All our Products are free of nasties and our packaging is fully recyclable.